GET TO THE BURNER (Phone) for your music, duh, not for any illegal activities.

Ok, strange post here, but follow ya boy.  You need stuff to make music, either equipment, recording, instruments, electricity, etc.  You need a smartphone for so many reasons, see Dumb Phone, for reference.

You need another phone to communicate with your fans.  You will have to download Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Tiktok, Youtube, Deezer, and so on.  For a bunch of reasons, to test the artwork, test the app, see your page, enter data for your page, get instant links to share each piece of content or profile.

Having each app will allow you to test in the real world all these vessels for releasing content.  I would recommend downloading all the music apps and players, and put them in a folder on your phone. That was it is easy to pull up and switch between.

Also each app will allow you to generate a link to a specific song, your public profile, presaves and more.  On IOS (I use IOS, have several issues with it, but do not have Android or Samsung device, so I don’t have any experience with their software)there is usually an arrow, three dots . . . or sammich, to expand.  One of my favorite ways to disseminate content is to airdrop.  You will be able to transfer art from your phone to computer to tablet, and files, and so on.  With airdrop you can also send a pdf, sound, link, or most digital content to a whole bunch of people in a room or specific place.

When you are going for a run or whatever you can listen to your songs on each platform and make sure they load smoothly, play well, the artwork is clean and visuals are on point.  You will want to make sure each app is visually appealing and shows your best work.

There are many apps on IOS, android, or tablet that can help you on your musical journey.  I will have another FREEWARE APP Section, where I will put IOS apps that I find helpful to make content, edit, or otherwise deal with your artists.

And turn off the news on your device.  There are too many notifications, and distractions.  While you are working on a project turn off the wifi if possible so you can devote as much time as you need without constant buzzing about covid-19, my phone has literally sent me 3 notifications that something is happening in the news.

You don’t ever want to do illegal activities, or even activities that would violate the terms of service for each service.  What is allowed on one service may be not kosher on another.  Read the terms of service and understand them.  This is not legal advise, talk to an attorney in your state/ area today.

Plus this will usually hurt your music career.

There are also many video, photo, and other editor apps that you will want to have on your phone as well. We will discuss those later!

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