How to kill your music career; Have less than 100 subscribers on

Ok, I said it.  Having less than 100 subscribers on the powerful music website will hamper your music career.

(Ok, maybe it won’t kill it, but I needed a snazzy headline that attracts you to this article)

You see, once you obtain 100 followers, you are able to get a custom URL, a uniform resource locator.  So like, or, or whatever, you catch the drift.  Curiously, I was going to put however it is not the Nas you may think of Nasty Nas, who raps with a razor blade under his tongue, Nas the God’s Son, If he ruled the world and so on….  It is some guy apparently named “Nas” who was able to get 100 subs quicker than the Nas we all know and love.  This brings us to another point, check out my next article called “You can never be too social”

Without the URL that is customized by your liking, you are stuck with or something else that you and no on else will ever remember.

It can be difficult to get the 100 subs, and to remember what that allows you do to.  Speaking of which, I totally forgot about the URL, as well as have not done much to push the actual subscribers for my channel.

So, I would love to take the time to push my channel and click this link to check me out and subscribe.  I follow back, and comment back, just drop me a comment that you found me on and I will get the message.  It is great to network with real people.

What kind of things would you see on my page?

  1.  How to set up midines with the Akai MPC 
  2. Sample Nintendo NDS chiptune sounds into Akai MPC
  3. Use an Ipad 2 as a controller for the Akai MPC
  4. How to replace RAM in an Akai MPC 4000

and MORE!!!!!!!

So there is a high incentive to get 100 subscribers on youtube.  There are a few ways to do this.

1.  Im sure you could pay for it on some of the shadier sites on the internet.  I doubt this would be a good idea for anyone, unless you needed it in a hurry, and didn’t care about any repercussions from Youtube, or losing money due to a scam.

2.  Produce great content.  By filming and producing great content, and helping people or entertaining them, you will have people naturally subscribe, because they enjoy the content.  It makes sense, if you watch a cool sewing channel, or beat making channel, and you enjoy the content, you will naturally subscribe.  For the only reason that you want to see more of that content, and it is easier to sub and get the good stuff from that channel.

3.  Join groups and channels on,, and related.  There are many groups on for sub for sub, or Hip Hop Music, or Chicago Folk Music, or Munich Trap, or whatever.  In many of these places, members will sub to your channel if you subscribe.  I have a facebook group you can join for free located at Take Me To Music Town on  Join and say hello!

4.  Ask friends and family for support.  You can create an email template, messenger template, or other direct message template.  You can send to friends and family, and give your link.  Something like,

“Hey guys, you should really subscribe to my channel.  here is the link!  Thank for the support!”

You can remind your friends if they have a gmail account they have a youtube account, and they can log in, comment, and like your videos.  Since, they are there, they can also subscribe, and help you get to that magical number of 100!

I love QR codes, as they are an easy way to share a website or other important information. With newer iPhones, all you have to do is open the camera and it will put the link at the top and click!  So here is a QR code to go directly to my Youtube Channel:

qrcode (2)

While I don’t condone stealing or thievery of any kind.  I think you should steal as many of my ideas as possible.  Meaning, make those QR codes to your posts, get an email list of supporters, get facebook, and check back here for more FREE tips to get your Music Career popping!


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