Distrokid is coming out with an IOS IPhone app!

Start following, Distrokid on Twitter.com. They are coming out with an app for IOS IPhone. The details are sparse as of right now, however, they should allow us to delete songs, look at play count, bank and more! I did not see a beta testing app yet, but follow them on twitter for any updates! Super exciting, because it is just ok, to keep opening a window and not having a dedicated app… #distrokidIOS #apple #ios #distrokid

GET TO THE BURNER (Phone) for your music, duh, not for any illegal activities.

Ok, strange post here, but follow ya boy.  You need stuff to make music, either equipment, recording, instruments, electricity, etc.  You need a smartphone for so many reasons, see Dumb Phone, for reference.

You need another phone to communicate with your fans.  You will have to download Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Tiktok, Youtube, Deezer, and so on.  For a bunch of reasons, to test the artwork, test the app, see your page, enter data for your page, get instant links to share each piece of content or profile.

Having each app will allow you to test in the real world all these vessels for releasing content.  I would recommend downloading all the music apps and players, and put them in a folder on your phone. That was it is easy to pull up and switch between.

Also each app will allow you to generate a link to a specific song, your public profile, presaves and more.  On IOS (I use IOS, have several issues with it, but do not have Android or Samsung device, so I don’t have any experience with their software)there is usually an arrow, three dots . . . or sammich, to expand.  One of my favorite ways to disseminate content is to airdrop.  You will be able to transfer art from your phone to computer to tablet, and files, and so on.  With airdrop you can also send a pdf, sound, link, or most digital content to a whole bunch of people in a room or specific place.

When you are going for a run or whatever you can listen to your songs on each platform and make sure they load smoothly, play well, the artwork is clean and visuals are on point.  You will want to make sure each app is visually appealing and shows your best work.

There are many apps on IOS, android, or tablet that can help you on your musical journey.  I will have another FREEWARE APP Section, where I will put IOS apps that I find helpful to make content, edit, or otherwise deal with your artists.

And turn off the news on your device.  There are too many notifications, and distractions.  While you are working on a project turn off the wifi if possible so you can devote as much time as you need without constant buzzing about covid-19, my phone has literally sent me 3 notifications that something is happening in the news.

You don’t ever want to do illegal activities, or even activities that would violate the terms of service for each service.  What is allowed on one service may be not kosher on another.  Read the terms of service and understand them.  This is not legal advise, talk to an attorney in your state/ area today.

Plus this will usually hurt your music career.

There are also many video, photo, and other editor apps that you will want to have on your phone as well. We will discuss those later!

How to kill your music career; Have less than 100 subscribers on Youtube.com

Ok, I said it.  Having less than 100 subscribers on the powerful music website Youtube.com will hamper your music career.

(Ok, maybe it won’t kill it, but I needed a snazzy headline that attracts you to this article)

You see, once you obtain 100 followers, you are able to get a custom URL, a uniform resource locator.  So like Youtube.com/BillieEilish, or youtube.com/jayz, or whatever, you catch the drift.  Curiously, I was going to put youtube.com/nas however it is not the Nas you may think of Nasty Nas, who raps with a razor blade under his tongue, Nas the God’s Son, If he ruled the world and so on….  It is some guy apparently named “Nas” who was able to get 100 subs quicker than the Nas we all know and love.  This brings us to another point, check out my next article called “You can never be too social”

Without the URL that is customized by your liking, you are stuck with youtube.com/29458942858435438573948932823432948284932892857884928320342384 or something else that you and no on else will ever remember.

It can be difficult to get the 100 subs, and to remember what that allows you do to.  Speaking of which, I totally forgot about the URL, as well as have not done much to push the actual subscribers for my channel.

So, I would love to take the time to push my channel and click this link to check me out and subscribe.  I follow back, and comment back, just drop me a comment that you found me on Redundantmedia.com and I will get the message.  It is great to network with real people.

What kind of things would you see on my Youtube.com page?

  1.  How to set up midines with the Akai MPC 
  2. Sample Nintendo NDS chiptune sounds into Akai MPC
  3. Use an Ipad 2 as a controller for the Akai MPC
  4. How to replace RAM in an Akai MPC 4000

and MORE!!!!!!!

So there is a high incentive to get 100 subscribers on youtube.  There are a few ways to do this.

1.  Im sure you could pay for it on some of the shadier sites on the internet.  I doubt this would be a good idea for anyone, unless you needed it in a hurry, and didn’t care about any repercussions from Youtube, or losing money due to a scam.

2.  Produce great content.  By filming and producing great content, and helping people or entertaining them, you will have people naturally subscribe, because they enjoy the content.  It makes sense, if you watch a cool sewing channel, or beat making channel, and you enjoy the content, you will naturally subscribe.  For the only reason that you want to see more of that content, and it is easier to sub and get the good stuff from that channel.

3.  Join groups and channels on youtube.com, facebook.com, reddit.com and related.  There are many groups on Facebook.com for sub for sub, or Hip Hop Music, or Chicago Folk Music, or Munich Trap, or whatever.  In many of these places, members will sub to your channel if you subscribe.  I have a facebook group you can join for free located at Take Me To Music Town on facebook.com.  Join and say hello!

4.  Ask friends and family for support.  You can create an email template, messenger template, or other direct message template.  You can send to friends and family, and give your link.  Something like,

“Hey guys, you should really subscribe to my channel.  here is the link!  Thank for the support!”

You can remind your friends if they have a gmail account they have a youtube account, and they can log in, comment, and like your videos.  Since, they are there, they can also subscribe, and help you get to that magical number of 100!

I love QR codes, as they are an easy way to share a website or other important information. With newer iPhones, all you have to do is open the camera and it will put the link at the top and click!  So here is a QR code to go directly to my Youtube Channel:

qrcode (2)

While I don’t condone stealing or thievery of any kind.  I think you should steal as many of my ideas as possible.  Meaning, make those QR codes to your posts, get an email list of supporters, get facebook, and check back here for more FREE tips to get your Music Career popping!


How do I get distribution to get my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play and more?

The market has changed, but that doesn’t mean you are not going to be able to take advantage of “the streaming”. The sales of physical copies has definitely gone down, but streaming and merch has certainly gone up.

How do you make your music streamable?  Well first you have to make fire music. (Well, you don’t actually)  If you are reading this you probably already make fire music, or you are about to.

Next you will need to distribute your music.  Most of the distribution companies charge, often and well.  You can pay per project, yearly, by song, etc.  Then, you can add all sorts of options with each.

There are some free ways to do so, Soundcloud, Youtube, Amuse (I tried distributing a track but it got rejected).  There are also paid ways, CD Baby, Distrokid, tunecore.

I signed up with Distrokid, after looking at all the options.  Distro is the best deal in my opinion for me, and I went with their lowest tier $19.99 a year.  They do not charge for additional singles or albums, you can release an unlimited amount of tracks for the same $19.99 a year.

The other guys, have different rates and yada and it made more sense to use Distro.  Click my link to get 7% off your new plan, and they give me a small referral if you use my link (FULL DISCLOSURE).

I like the simplicity of the pricing, and the interface online.  They do not have an app as of this writing.

You submit the information on their website with your account.  You will need to use your full legal name, and have 1000 by 1000 photographs with each release (single) to submit your music.  This can get a tad annoying, with a mac you can use preview, and select 1000×1000 and save a new file and viola!

You can add different items ala cart for each track.  You can add a store maximizer, for $7.95, or leave a legacy fee of $29 per song, so if you die, and no one keeps your account active your song will stay there for ever…

Being independent is much easier when you can personally release your music on your terms.

The amazing thing is that I have received plays from my artists from Germany, Sweden, The Philippines, France, Turkey, and all over the USA.

The fact that you can release music today, at home, over the internet, and know that people will be streaming it on Spotify, IheartRadio, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and other radio stations.

Distribution is the process of getting your music into the hands of the music streaming companies such as: SpotifyApple MusiciTunes, TikTok/Resso, Google Play/YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, NetEase (beta), MediaNet, Instagram/Facebook

But, how can you get people to listen?

Check back to read my next article!



The big Chicago Playlist is back (here for the first time)

Alright, so I wanted to put together a list of some of my favorite artists from #Chicago Illinois.

I made this #Spotify playlist to show off some of my friends and family from that CHI that were doing their thing musically, and I wanted to put together a playlist to showcase all that swag.

The easiest way to listen to this list is to simply scan the #SpotifyCode and then listen. If you have any issues give me an email or shout!

I have in no particular order: #TheBoyIllinois #Twista #DosageHinojosa #AMEarlyMorning #Alexandough #DJKennAON #LilFlash #Shawnna #TripleSSlang #BigOMr290 #BossBlaze #Bhype #TheEmptyPockets #IckytheDon #SupaBWE #StuntTaylor #SashaDaRapper #AceitoBanks #PapiBeats #ProfessorFox #ToddKessler #NoahYount #Ghetty #ChaseScott #Murdabeats#AlTaper #PrinceofPain #Xandobeat

The easiest way to listen to this #Spotify playlist is to open the app, click search, click the camera and scan the #SpotifyCode to add!

Continue reading

Eat and Greet with Twista at Manny’s Deli South Loop

Eat & Greet: Twista

Welcome to the first ever Eat & Greet brought to you by the good people at Alexander B. Blum Attorney at Law and Fresh Content Society. We are excited to have an event with Chicago legend, Twista, at the Iconic Chicago restaurant, Mannys Deli.

If you’re looking to work with and engage a social media infuencer (or become a social media influencer) this is the event to come to. We’ll be sharing best practices and some legalities around working with an ambassador. Atendees should come hungry for a half sandwich, bowl of soup, and drink with a regular ticket, or splurge with a VIP ticket! VIP attendees should expect that upgraded food package, a photo with the Legend Twista, and some other goodies not mentioned.

This is a social media friendly event. Strongly encourage capturing content and sharing it to your social media channels. Make sure you tag @773999BLUM and @freshcontentsociety and use the hashtag #EatandGreet.

This event is not to be missed!

Buy Tickets

#EatandGreet #Twista #FREEBLUM #773999BLUM #Freshcontentsociety #MannysDeli #Twista

Old Blog Post about Atari Synthcart by Paul Slocum


Ok, so the Synthcart was the second chiptune hardware I bought, actually it was a birthday present. 

It is wicked cool, it make sound come out of your TV, in all of the bit goodness.  I recommend the big blue numbered keyboard, it is actually called the kid’s controller.  I have used it with the video controller, (it is smaller and black and has small buttons), but it is not that great.  It is kind of hard to use, and sometimes I pressed the wrong button and it sucked…


I found one of mine at a thrift store for 79 cents!  The other one I had to buy on a “bid” site, and I won it.  It did not work that great, so I decided to take it apart.  It turns out there was a bunch of dust, dander and crap that was making it difficult for the buttons to press the contact points. It was pretty easy to do, it only took 15 minutes to do.  It was SOO much easier than opening and fixing a ps3 sixaxis. 


It now works great and can be a beatbox, and synth.  The only issue I would say I have is that the switches on the Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer, are somewhat temperamental so I may want to switches eventually…


You can use the switches to change arpeggio, temp, beatbox/synth, and more.. It is a blast to use..

How to replace RAM in AKAI MPC 4000 4k

Honestly, replacing ram is one of the easier ways to upgrade a computer, drum machine, or other device. Typically, there are slots where the RAM can only go in one way. Some RAM chips you slide in and have plastic tabs on the side that snap into the RAM edge. Other RAM you angle in, and then snap it in. This video shows you how to add RAM to an Akai MPC 4000 drum machine. It is pretty easy, and RAM specifically for it can be found online.

Akai MPC 4000 hard drive issues, IDE 4K , audible beeping, Fat 32 Formatting, ARGGG!

So, to make a long story short. Dealing with hard drives for drum machines can be terrible.

I had bought an Akai MPC 4000 on craigslist years ago. It was sick, there were chiptunes, hard hitting drum beats, strange shit and so on.

I knew I wanted to back everything up so begins the journey.

I tried putting a USB flash drive on the front USB. It recognized it, but the device would not allow me to save to the flash drive, even though there was enough space. ( The MPC 4K seems to like loading samples from the USB instead of saving to it)

Next, I tried hooking the 4k USB on the back to my PC. I don’t fully remember what it did, but I know I couldn’t get anything to transfer.

I then tried hooking it up to my macbook, and download the akai.sys http://www.akaipro.com/mpc4000 , which did connect. I was able to see the files, however, I could not figure out how to copy the files over to the mac. So, after a while, I figured it would not let me do such things.

I thought I tried to diligently get the samples off my hard disk, and boy was I wrong.

About a month ago, I tried turning on the 4K and I noticed something was a miss. The device turned on, however it would not load properly, and there was an audible sound coming from the hard drive. My heart sank, I knew the hard drive had severe issues. I hoped that I could try turning off the machine and turn it back on and get it working. Unfortunately not. The hard drive died completely. There was some kind of beeping every couple seconds.

I tried and tried to get the hard drive working, but either the head is off the track or the head is not reading. I looked into a few different options for hard drive recovery, but they were all too much money. Although, there is a promising lead on reddit for no charge….

Anywho, I delved into my selection of older hard drives, and found a 3.5 IDE 60 gb older hard drive from a former computer. This was an obvious choice, as it was from a family computer, free and working.

I had to find a USBto IDE cable and power adapter, which powers the hard drive and converts the IDE to USB so the computer can read and edit the hard disk. I finally got the hard drive working, however it had to be fat 32 for the 4k to read the disk. I am using a Windows 7 laptop, and apparently it will no longer do FAT 32 formats, and the partitions can only be a certain size. I think it is 32 gb?

I tried a few programs for formatting hard disks, and I had a few issues getting it to work. First it was formatted wrong. Then I tried to plug it into the 4k and have the machine format it, but that was having issues as well. I finally settled on the smaller drive so it wouldn’t have to have more than one partition (although maybe that wouldn’t have been a problem) I managed to place folders of drum kits on the hard disk and then I installed it into the 3k. It has a single power plug and the IDE cable that is attached to the motherboard. It is very simply to remove and install the IDE hard disk once the 4k is opened.

I started opening the folders, and loading them, and then creating new programs for the 4k. You have to create a new program first and then you can start saving a program. More on this later.

Bottom line:

Next time I get a 4k or other disk based system, I will probably physically take out the hard drive, and copy everything to an external disk, as well as a flash drive or DVD, so if this happens again, I don’t have to worry….

This whole ordeal, took a huge amount of time, and frustrated me immensely. If I had just taken my own advice, I could have just forgotten about the disk, and put a new one in!