Windmills be Spinnin’

Ok, this is the the realest cut The Tektonic Beards’ have cut. This song was completely freestyle. Dr. Spock, flawlessly cajoled the ivories, and Young Bleezy laid down the beats, and came out of the penalty box to freestyle cohesive madness. This is the hardest hitting track the Beards have done, and it is certainly the most powerful. Please, make sure your kids have earmuffs on.

Tektonic Beards are Live!

I don’t know if y’all know, but The Tektonic Beards are where it is at. They meticulously blend funk, hip-hop, classical, real instruments, freestyle, paprika, and Mrs. freaking Dash. Young Bleezy aka Bleezy Beats, and S Dot, aka Dr. Trey, aka Dr. Boris the Butcher rip stuff up. The good Doctor, provides freestyle like you would not believe, whilst playing piano, flamenco guitar or a washboard. Young Bleezy, provides the beats with precision, and freestyles at a professional level. When these two get together, serious funk happens period. If you do not believe me, try some Crystal;