Get youtube 100 subscribers quickly! CONTINUED.

Ok, so you may remember this post: HERE.

So, I was looking to get more views and subs on youtube to try to get to 100 subs, and then to 1000 so I can try to monetize these videos. I believe I asked a minute ago to my facebook friends, and I got a couple follows and it was pretty coo.

Then, yesterday, I got the sub bug again and I tried it again. I started with 29 subs, and by the next day (today), I am at 67.

So it was a very simple post to my channel, with my picture, and a direct call to action. For Groundhog’s Day, I asked for my friends to help me get to 100. It worked so well, I was very pleasantly surprised. People signed up with their personal accounts, and business accounts. I even had a few people tell me they signed up with multiple of their accounts to help me get to my goal. I am sure you can just buy follows, but this was such a nice feeling that my people helped me get super close to my number of 100.

5 Tips to get to 100 subscriptions on Youtube (or whatever platform):

  1. Ask. A simple Facebook post asking people to follow me, doubled my sub list. You should ask on all social media, and remind people to sub and hit the like button. Also an amazing story I watched was Nardwuar the human serviette had gotten to interview Kurt Cobain. Basically, he left a cassette tape in the bathroom where he thought Kurt would be, of the interview he did with Courtney Love. No, I am not suggesting leaving things in the bathroom for people, that is weird, super sketchy. But, what I mean is, ASK. Ask your cousin who knows that guy if you can interview him. Ask if you can ride along, ask if you can do this or that, but ADD VALUE if you can. I have a radio show and I would love to interview you and have it run on the air, or this or that. I remember a good story, where we made custom cookies for Future at Manny’s Deli located in Chicago. When in line, the security saw the cookies and they were like no, you can’t bring them inside. The security finally allowed us to bring them inside, but said you cannot give those to Future, they will be thrown away. We were cool with that, I mean we showed up with food for a celebrity, that we did not know. They looked at the cookies and saw how fire they were, and that they were custom, and made from the most buttoned up Deli in Chicago, and they said, I guess we don’t need to throw them out. They ate a few and I think Future saw them, and the Pimp cup made by Debbie the Glass Lady that we made for him. All in all a great night, and we had an idea and asked if it was possible.
  2. Create: Create good content. If you create good content, they will come. Many years ago, I made hella video game videos, and a couple car videos. One video hit over 100k views, like 10 years ago. My subs are at 54 and thirty something, on an account I have not posted on in years. I also did not actively try to get subs, I just made cool videos that I was interested in and over time, some people liked the videos and wanted more videos to watch.
  3. Find: Find your niche. I am not sure which way to pronounce this word. I have personally seen a couple people make an account, and have no followers, and then years later, I saw a video from someone I subbed, with over a million subs. I was blown away. But, anyone can actually do it. Clearly it helps to be famous, rich, connected, and so on and so forth. But, really anyone can do it. Find videos that you like and would want to watch. One of my most watched videos was how to change a headlight in my car. I did not see many videos on that topic, and I had to change bulbs somewhat often for some reason. Clearly other people were interested in this knowledge, and it got my numbers up. If I would watch my video again to help me remember, then it is likely that other people would find the information useful and sub and watch your video, helping you create a realm, or whatever.
  4. Be Different: Don’t do the same thing the same way. Do it slightly different. Or way different. Or do a different thing that other people are doing. Get rid of the fluff and extra stuff. We all hate watching those long video tutorials that take way too long to show you how to add midi or whatever. Dilute it down and gain followers.
  5. Just do it. It doesn’t have to be the best video ever. It does not need million dollar production. Many people have telephones that have movie maker programs, and you can create amazing trailer / intro videos, and then shoot your video and upload right to youtube, without ever leaving your house!

Good luck! PS. follow your boy right here: REDUNDANT MEDIA and send me a message and I will follow back!