Old Blog Post about Atari Synthcart by Paul Slocum


Ok, so the Synthcart was the second chiptune hardware I bought, actually it was a birthday present. 

It is wicked cool, it make sound come out of your TV, in all of the bit goodness.  I recommend the big blue numbered keyboard, it is actually called the kid’s controller.  I have used it with the video controller, (it is smaller and black and has small buttons), but it is not that great.  It is kind of hard to use, and sometimes I pressed the wrong button and it sucked…


I found one of mine at a thrift store for 79 cents!  The other one I had to buy on a “bid” site, and I won it.  It did not work that great, so I decided to take it apart.  It turns out there was a bunch of dust, dander and crap that was making it difficult for the buttons to press the contact points. It was pretty easy to do, it only took 15 minutes to do.  It was SOO much easier than opening and fixing a ps3 sixaxis. 


It now works great and can be a beatbox, and synth.  The only issue I would say I have is that the switches on the Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer, are somewhat temperamental so I may want to switches eventually…


You can use the switches to change arpeggio, temp, beatbox/synth, and more.. It is a blast to use..

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