Finally fixed the Akai MPC 1000 Hard Drive Partitioning Issue!

OMG. So, I was getting pretty annoyed. I found a steal on an Akai MPC 1000, and decided to get the hard drive adapter , and then I found a compatible hard drive online. I installed the hard drive without a hitch, got the custom black side pieces for the 1k, and cleaned everything up.

I forgot I had a 2gb CF card in there, so there was initially some confusion as to which was which. However, you can clearly see when you go to the load screen, and rotate the jog wheel.

Anyway, I noticed that only 1.99 GB were showing up on the hard disk when I connected it to my computer. I thought it may have been a mistake (took forever to load about 2 gb as well), well I filled it up, with just about 2gb, so I was a bit worried that something was really wrong.

I tried a few things, and tried searching online, however there does not seem to be much information regarding this. I thought there had to be a partition, or that it was formatted with FAT and should be FAT 32 or NTFS.

Then, I decided to check the version number. It was 1.04, the original firmware that shipped with the unit. I searched for the must current, which is 3.04.

I installed the update onto the compact flash, and followed the instructions, and formatted the hard drive again, and VOILA, the hard drive was now 111 GB, as opposed to 1.99!

I really like the hard drive, and having a backup of all my samples and drum sounds, and being able to bring it anywhere, and to transfer or add with just a computer and usb cable.

I have realized that I like the window of the MPC 3000 and 2000Xl better, but I have begun to mess with the 1000 more.

Now, it auto loads, which is nice, but the original AKAI soundfiles are not where they should be, apparently, but it sometimes manages to load files.

Hope this may help someone!

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